Abandoned spaces that are art

The photos we post below, via Flavorwire, show some of the most inventive ways to reuse an abandoned space. All of them use art to draw attention to an isolated or collective situation.

They are large-scale projects that deal with huge abandoned spaces and give them life – art or public denunciation. See the list of buildings and their photos.

1. This dollhouse was developed by Heather Benning from an abandoned farmhouse in Redvers, Saskatchewa, United States. The house was abandoned in 1960.

2.The Ice House Detroit was established in protest against the city’s difficult urban conditions, which recently filed for bankruptcy. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune chose one of the city’s 20,000 abandoned houses for this work.

3. This cloth gas pump could have been created by Joana Vasconcelos. But it was not. The work, developed at a gas station in central New York, is part of the WRAP project.

4. In 2006, an anonymous group of artists painted several abandoned Detroit buildings of orange, a protest against the decadence of the city.

5. Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen grabs abandoned houses and rearranges his interior in an obsessive way. It’s art, this.

6. Artist Candy Chang took an abandoned house in New Orleans, placed a giant picture and began the sentence: “Before I die, I want to …”. Those who passed by could complete and share their dreams. The project eventually expanded to various communities around the world.

7. Luisa Alvarez used her past as a designer to illustrate an abandoned house with negatives and LED lights, wrapped in objects such as chairs, installed on stairs and door knobs. The project is temporary and is called Habitando.

8. The Kulturpark project has transformed an East Berlin amusement park into an ecological center. The collaborative initiative gives a new look and creativity to an abandoned city area since 2001.

9. The Reichstag building, a ghost of the Second World War, was a ruin until the 1990s. Before being rebuilt, after German reunification, artist Christo wrapped it up. The photo is old, so.

10. This inverted house was used by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck for artistic purposes.

11. Richard Wilson cut off a part of an abandoned building in Liverpool and made it roll over him. To the astonishment of those who pass by.

12. In 2001, the hacking collective Chaos Computer Club took the Haus des Lehrers (Berlin), then abandoned, and placed 144 computer-controlled lights. The animations could be controlled by the pedestrians themselves, via mobile phone.




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