Abandoned Hong Kong

With an average of 6,544 inhabitants per square kilometer, Hong Kong has the third largest population density in the world, just after Monaco and Singapore – although there are actually quite a few green spaces.

Thus, it would be highly unlikely that this region had abandoned homes, as it does elsewhere in the world. But this is not the reality. Also here are houses that, for one reason or another, were left by their owners. Villages such as Fan Lau, Tim Tsai, Sham Chung, Wang Shan Keuk or Sha Lo Tung were completely abandoned in the 1950s and 1960s – others have only one or two inhabitants and many homes to be swallowed up by nature.

The inhabitants of these villages have left their homes to work for the city or, in some cases, abroad, in restaurants of Chinese food. However, nature has invaded its former territory, as it does all over the world. And still good.


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