8 of the world’s scariest animals

The world is full of creatures that dwell in its recesses and, as such, are rarely seen. Despite its ominous aspect and capable of causing the worst nightmares, most of these animals are harmless to being human.

Meet eight of the world’s scariest animals here.

1. Mole Rat Peeled


Despite the prominent teeth, these animals are vegetarians and inhabit underground tunnels, rarely coming to the surface. This mole-mouse is blind and uses the few hairs on the skin as sensors.

2. Gavial


It is a bizarre looking crocodile thanks to the long muzzle. It is an extremely endangered species, with an estimated population of only 235 individuals. It can be found in several Asian countries.

3. Bats of tubular nostrils


If the gargoyles were real this animal would be their closest relative. The tubular-nosed bat is an endemic species of Australia that feeds exclusively on fruits.

4. Musk deer


This species of deer could perfectly well be related to vampires, if they existed. They are more primitive than deer and inhabit mainly in mountainous regions of Asia. Their vampiric teeth are actually used to impress females. The older the bigger the prey.

5. Aie-Aie


It may look like a bat but it is actually an endemic primate from Madagascar. It is nocturnal and arboreal, possessing a longer finger that it uses to hunt larva in the holes of the trees.

6. Lamprey


A gastronomic specialty very appreciated in Portugal but of dubious aspect. The lamprey is a freshwater fish with a circular suction-shaped mouth with the diameter of the body.

7. Fish eyes barrel


This saltwater fish usually lives in the depths of warm tropical waters. These fish have a fluid in the head that makes it transparent and allows to see its interior.

8. Shark Elf


This species inhabits the ocean depths for what is rarely seen. It inhabits the waters of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic and has already been found at 1,200 meters of depth. Since it was discovered in 1898, only 36 other specimens were found. It is thought to be one of the oldest shark species.


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