Darryl Howard told reporters that always kept their faith. One day would prove his innocence.


It was in 1995 that Darryl Howard was convicted of rape and strangulation of Doris Washington, 29, and 13-year-old daughter, Nishonda, a crime committed in 1991.

During all these years, Darryl defended whenever he was innocent. It has now been finally released.

The moment happened thanks to the emergence of new DNA evidence. There was no physical evidence to connect him to the murders.

Account Sky News that the judge admitted that if this evidence could have been used in the trial, in 1995, Darryl would not have been convicted.

Darryl had been sentenced to a term of 80 years. The charge was responsible for Mike Nifong, a lawyer who would be removed from the profession after being proven that he lied in a case of rape in 2006, tells Fox News.



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