With only two years, Jeremy already read books in English and Korean.


At age 12, most boys are just interested in learning how to ride a bike or playing video games. But not Jeremy Shuler, a young man from Texas, United States. Jeremy is this year,

Jeremy is this year, freshman at Cornell University in New York, making it the youngest student ever in the Ivy League.

Universities that belong to the Ivy League have in common students of excellence and offers a luxury teaching.

Two years already knew how to read books in English and Korean and six, it was a professional in everything that involved calculation.

With lessons at home with their parents – both aerospace engineers – his colleagues have now at least 18 years.

“We are concerned about his relationship with colleagues at school. In kindergarten, he could not stand to have other children around running and screaming. But when we took him to the math summer camp, for example, he was very sociable. I needed someone with similar interests, “said the mother to Metro.

Jeremy already seems to be less concerned. “I was nervous at first, but now I’m more excited. All boys in math summer camp were older than me, so I’m used to having older friends since you enjoy math as I like, “said the young man of 12 years.

Although “far classes are easy,” Jeremy is aware “that quickly will become difficult.”


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